How It Works

This revolutionary service is being offered in Alabama for the first time. You will receive a complete uncontested divorce* package, including every form required by your county’s clerk’s office, within 24 hours of submission. You will also receive information on how and where to file the paperwork, and what your filing fees will be.  Simply fill out the attached questionnaire below and click the PAY button, and you will receive email notification that we have received your information. Once your package is completed, we will email it to whatever email address you provide, along with additional instructions. You will take the completed/signed package to your local courthouse and file everything in at one time, pay the applicable filing fees, and that’s it. You will receive a signed Order from your local judge in 30-45 days, with a Certificate of Divorce mailed to each party.


An uncontested divorce without children is one payment of $249.00.

Uncontested divorces with children are $449.00, and include all child support forms (required).

You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal, and will be emailed a receipt. The above fees are one-time, flat fee payments for preparation of the entire uncontested divorce package.

You will be required to pay local filing fees at the time of filing the paperwork, depending on your county. We will include information on how and where to pay this when we email your completed package within 24 hours.


Your Alabama Uncontested Divorce package is prepared under the direction of a licensed Alabama attorney who practices exclusively family law. All payments are final once submitted, as you will receive an Uncontested Divorce package that can be filed in at any time at your discretion.  Utilizing this service does not create an attorney-client relationship, and we do not provide legal advice.

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Please fill out this questionnaire.

By filling out this form and paying for our services, we will e-mail the package to you within 24 hours that you need to fill out so we can begin proceedings for your uncontested divorce.  

Note:  You must fill out each field that has an asterisk (*) next to the field's name to be able to submit your questionnaire.  That will help us give you the best service possible.


What is an Uncontested Divorce?

At the heart of every divorce are four issues:

1. Division of community and/or marital property

2. Division of debt

3. Custody of any children

4. Payment of child and/or spousal support While no divorce is truly "uncontested" in the sense that there are no disagreements, these disputes do not always have to be resolved in court.

That's what we mean by an uncontested divorce - one where the spouses can reach a decision as to the terms of the divorce without going to trial. Uncontested divorces move more quickly through the courts and are less expensive than contested divorces. Every couple seeking a divorce should first attempt to work out mutual terms for the separation without going to court. If the spouses cannot resolve disputes on their own, many people utilize arbitration and mediation, with or without attorney representation. This saves time and money by bypassing the lengthy litigation and trial process. An uncontested divorce typically reduces hostility, allowing both parties to resume their lives more quickly.



No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.